What is Quantum Scalar Energy made of?

Quantum Scalar Energy is derived from lava based particles. The process of making a Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant involves utilizing nano-fusion technology that infuses the lava based material with Scalar Energy. The reason why lava is used is because this material already contains seventy six types of minerals that can help promote instant strength, better balance, improve your flexibility and protect you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Some users also use Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants as a base to help energize their drinks with as all.

Another interesting trivia about using lava is that it has the capacity to retain the Scalar Energy for a minimum of fifty years! Your standard Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant should consist of 2,000 to 3,100 pps/cc negative ions in order to help balance and maintain your health.

How is the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant going to help me?

Consistently wearing the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant will help you feel much more focused and energetic. This means that you will then be able to take on any form of problems and solve them systematically, as opposed to spending your time hyperventilating and worrying about an issue. In the long term, one will also notice aches and pains in joints gradually disappearing as well because Quantum Scalar Energy flows in a circular motion that ebbs away at all body discomfort.

Theoretically, your body aches due to the harmful radiation being emitted from man-made technology such as household appliances like the microwave and TV set. The Quantum Scalar Energy radiates its own frequency that cancels out the detrimental frequencies at 60Hs. In other words, the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant will protect your body in the form of a protective shield, and it will also allow your body to heal itself without being constantly interrupted by unwanted frequencies or vibrations.

Should I wear the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant all the time?

You should wear the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant as often as you can, except when taking a shower. It is also recommended that you wear your pendant to sleep, although it has been reported that some users can sleep better whereas others have trouble falling asleep.

How soon will I have to wait before experiencing any effects?

The response time varies from a few hours to a few months, depending on the frequency of usage and environment. If you fail to find any positive effect after one month of usage, it is probably because you have not noticed that positive effects of the pendant. We recommend that you remove the pendant for a week and see if there is any changes to your wellbeing.

Can I replace a broken pendant?

For an affordable fee of CAD$40.00/USD$35 (excluding shipping costs borne by the buyer), we will be happy to replace your broken pendant for you. All you need to do is return the broken pieces along with the authenticity card.

Will the Scalar Energy run out?

The Scalar Energy in the pendant is designed to last a minimum of 50 years and more, so it’s safe to say that you will only ever need one pendant to last you a life time.

Can I upgrade from 1 pendant to a set of 5 pendants?

Generally we would encourage you to upgrade within a week of purchase. However, please consult with your FE member or original place of purchase first.

What else can I do with the pendant?

The pendant can help heal inflamed areas. All you need to do is to place the pendant on your targeted area for half an hour.

You can also energize your bath tub water by first protecting the pendant in a zip lock bag. Once that’s done, soak the bag in your bath tub for about twenty minutes before sliding in for your hot bath.

Are there any side-effects to wearing Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant?

The Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is not magnetic, electrical nor radioactive. The reason why some users feel discomfort during the first few days of application is because your body is attempting to synchronize itself with the pendant. This discomfort is not harmful but if it becomes too distressing, wear your pendant for a few blocks of hours in a day and slowly increment the hours of wearing until you feel comfortable.

What can I do if wearing the Scalar-Pendent does not reduce my body pains?

Besides wearing the pendant, you could also try energizing water with your pendant before drinking it. Place your Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant underneath a drinking glass or a bottle of water for at least fifteen minutes before drinking.

Why do some people experience an initial worsening of the pain on wearing Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant?

This phenomenon is known as the “healing crisis” as your body is adjusting itself and preparing to be healed. Do not worry as there is nothing detrimental about the worsening of the pain. The effect is only temporary.

Can I shower with the pendant?

Yes, you can. The reason we recommend most people to remove the pendant while showering is because the string that fastens the pendant around your neck will suffer from wear and tear due to the introduction of water. Having said that, wearing your pendant with a chain will easily solve this issue and it is actually found that Scalar Energy reacts best with water.

Is the pendant magnetic?

NO, the pendant is is non-magnetic.

What are the benefits of drinking energized water?

Drinking water that has been energized by the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant is quite similar to wearing the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant around your neck. The only difference would be that the effectiveness of the pendant remains as long as you’re wearing it whereas drinking energized water will yield a lasting effect between four to twenty four hours, depending on the individual’s energy level.

Generally, people prefer energized drinks as it’s fresher, sweeter and tastier. Besides drinking the water, you can also use the energized water to treat chronic skin diseases and promote hair growth.

What is the difference between alkaline water and energized Scalar-Pendant water?

Drinking alkaline water is not good for your health. Excessive drinking of alkaline water can actually cause a pH imbalance, bone problems and organ damage. Instead of drinking alkaline water, we suggest that you stick to eating fruits and vegetables instead. For more information, kindly refer to Harvey Diamond’s “Fit for Life” book. On the other hand, water that has been energized with the Scalar Pendant is neither acidic nor alkaline. This means that drinking energized water will not tamper with your body’s natural pH level.

Where can I get proof of the Scalar Pendant benefits?

More oxygen will be delivered to calls all over your body and hence, there will be less clogging of your blood cells. Thanks to this extra flow of oxygen, you will also experience less fatigue. If you’re looking for a numerical result, simply get yourself a medical body check report before and after using the pendant.

Can my 12 year old kid wear it? What about my 70 year old grandma?

Yes, of course they can! The Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant will boost your mental performance thanks to the extra flow of oxygen being pumped into your brain cells. The only person who should not be wearing this pendant are pregnant ladies as the sudden adjustment to their bio-field may interfere with foetus development.

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